If you read this page, you may probably read our 'Partners' pages, for instance STECA GmbH or Thermic Energy GmbH : we can offer a wide range of services adapted to the needs.

And you probably want to discover a part of our techniques, understand what are the tools we use, how long it takes, how much it costs.

Youprobably would like to find very detailled answers, thinking we will only be telling you how our tools are sophisticated, praising our experts, so as to leave you one choice to know a bit more : come to us.


What we can offer is in fact very simple : we are operationals.

We are solution busters.

We are local, we can not only act local but also think local. Because 'Think Global, Act Local' is certainly a good strategy for multinational corporations, but not always for SMEs.


This web site is the example of what we can do for you : do you think a big company would have presented his web site this way ?

Certainly not. It would certainly have been much more sophisticated in terms of design, perhaps written by one speaking English as mother tongue, so much more pleasant to read.


Didn't it happen to you, when reading a web site in your native langage, to see so obviously what nationality was the writer ?

Personally, I think people willing to be in France could at least have a web site written elegant French.

This web site is certainly the example of what one should not do to enter for instance the English market ...


If we like your policy and if you like our approach, there is probably something interesting we can do together.