We are not going to tell you right now what the solution is to meet your expectations, we do not have one single receipe.


At first, we need to understand who you are and where you want to go.

Then we will be in position to understand what we can do for/with you.

We need to agree on the target, the means and the timeframe.

Being an entrepreneur both in industrial and internet business helps to understand needs and expectations.


What do you want, what are you looking for ?

A customer ? Send an offer, we will consider it.

An agent ?

A logistic partner ?

A partner to promote your products ?

The best way to enter the French market ?

The most efficient way to set a subsidiary ?


What do you need to know ?

The market expectations ?

The clients' profiles and criteria of choice ?

The specific regulations applying to your products ?

The steps to create a subsidiary ?


What is specific in this market ?

What are the traditional sales channels ?

How does internet interfere with them ?

How would a French office impact the market penetration ?


What are the reasons to go ahead together?

Will I find a better opportunity ?

Will it make it simpler and cheaper for us ?

Will I do it all at once or step by step?


What are the opportunities ?

Trying a new way to approach the market ?

Just putting a milestone or starting a great story ?