Cross Technologies is a private company created in 1999 near Aix en Provence.


Concerned by environmental topics and conscious that the impact of the industry and the general behaviour of our societies was leading us straight into the wall, the founder decided to develop recycling activities as well as renewable energy solutions.

Coming from the semiconductor wafer reclaim industry (he managed Micropolish, the French wafer reclaim company), his first activity was the recycling of the silicon scrap from the semiconductor industry -not good for reclaiming- into the photovoltaïc industry. The company has collected the equivalent of 40000 tonnes oil equivalent between 2000 and 2005. Meanwhile, the company was investigating in the fields of renewable energies.

At that time, there was no sun in France : the French had ideas, the French had nuclear plants, but sun , no.

In 2006, two spin off were launched :

- Arena Technologies, specialized in the photovoltaic silicon recycling, has very soon developed etching processes adapted to scraps from both mono and poly ingots, with a capacity of 120 metric tons a year,

- Solaire Diffusion is the French leader in the thermal solar DIY market, making quality European solar products available through interent to the French speaking world. Currently suppling approx 15¨% of the solar house heating systems in France.


Legal :

Cross Technologies,

103, Avenue des Chasséens,

Zone Industrielle Avon,

F-13120 Gadanne

SARL au capital de 48000 euro

Enregistrée au Registre du Commerce d'Aix en Provence sous le N° 428 231 716

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