Thermic Energy is a German boiler manufacturer based in Hirschaid/Röbersdorf, D-96114.

The competition on the German market is severe, as well as on the French market.

The response time is critical.

With their wide range of products and their location, they have a tough time answering quickly to their distributors.

Installor compare TE distributors to key internet grossists such as OEG for instance.

And till our agreement, internet was winning most of the time.


In 2016, we have established a logistic agreement, using a synergy with our sister company Solaire Diffusion.

We hold a stock For Thermic Energy in our premices and organise quick deliveries on request. The stock has been agreed between their French agent, Solaire Diffusion and us.

Solaire Diffusion takes advantage of having the stock immediatly available without needing to finance the stock.

Thermic Energy is able to serve its clients in France with a short response time as soon as the product is in our premices, Solaire Diffusion is managing the logistics aspects and the stock, as our subcontractor.

We are making them things easier with minimum efforts : last year, Thermic Energy has increased in 2017 by 50%, Solaire Diffusion has sold 75% more boilers compared to 2016.

As importer, our activity trend is good as well !