The famous German company Steca Elektroniks is well know in France for their regulations and inverters for the solar market

Cross Technologies has distributed their products since 2001.

Their strategy is to develop through distributors who provide the whole service : sales, technical support, ...

The presence on internet was not a priority, despite our recommandation, they did not intend to acquire

No benefit was expected by the company from the .fr website, since there was a french version deployed in the company website.


We agreed to buy the domain name and use it as a tool for users to access quickly to all the technical information for each product : technical datasheet, opertaing manual, certificates, ...

It was therfore agreed that we could establish links to Solaire Diffusion webshop, which is currently done for all the products distributed by Solaire Diffusion.

The selling price was decided accordingly so as to avoid any conflict with major traditional distributors.


The benefits are today as follows :

- installors find the products available within 2 days, easily. Using their traditional grossists, the price would be much higher than our public price, and the product not available within a month, approx.

- We receive RFQ from French speaking countries accross the world. Generally, the calls for bid are international, our clients compete with all sources of equipments. As soon as the request is significant enough, we act as agent, which helps making the proposal more competitive.

- instead of looking for a solar installor, not easy to be made available in France, end users can easily replace thermal or photovoltaïc regulators, for instance after storms : for the famous TR 0301 for solar water heaters, finds us and Solaire Diffusion's webshop very easily.

- a lot of companies  have grown quickly when the French government decided to implement tax credits for solar boilers or PV systems, and desappeared as quickly after a few years : bounty hunters generally don't leave so long. End users would generally not call the company in Germany when they need something. If they would do, they would need to speak English or German. With us, Steca has a presence in France and a full support to the end users of their products, which has cost them nothing.


This is what I call a win-win-win situation.