An internet community was looking for a solution to obtain thermal solar panels at reasonnable prices.

At that time in France, no thermal solar panel was available under 800 euro.

Several members did some trials to manufacture solar panels : results were published on their web site, with all details and prices.

The conclusion was : it is complicated to do it on his own.

Cross was approached in 2005 and the decision was taken to cooperate with this community, supplying the thermal solar solutions at nice prices.


Solaire Diffusion was created in 2006, after a first validation run with Cross Technologies : more as a hobby than as a full job.

In 2012, it was decided to make it a significant internet player in the thermal market.

An 'information site' was constructed and still evolves :

The aim was to provide the basic information, the tools to understand solar energy, and furthermore the tools to define the whole solar solution for its house.

This web site is now used as a training resource by several professionals as well as teachers in high schools.

In 2013, a webshop was deployed :

The web shop is now representing over 30% of the sales.

It also bring in traditional sales, especially for the complete systems where customers generally need advices.

Our phone number is not hidden, people answering the phone are skilled people, answering technically to all technical questions, proposing the most efficient solution to the customer, which is generally the cheapest.

The company does not need to send sales forces hitting the road. Their clients are promoting them.

It does not need to pay adverts, google is doing a nice job.

Since 2012, the company is increasing by 15 to 30% per year.

Webmasters are desappointed to see Solaire Diffusion is not using their techniques to improve its ranking.

The answer is : for an SME, at the moment, 30% growth per year is enough to manage.

And if you read carefully what is written above, you have certainly understood they have weaknesses to get fixed before trying to speed up the machine...