We do not like monopolistic situations, we like variety and autonomy.

We do not like standard solutions, we like to do things many different ways.

We do not like money, we love action !

Of course money is the key for action, so we do need to have enough.

We do like SMEs,

We do like win win win situations : both our suppliers and customers have to be happy.

Our approach :

Act local : Europe is our garden. Facilitating European facilities access to the French market is the best way for us to bring our contribution to keep the European industry running.

Small is beautiful : our target is to make the French market accessible to small companies. Of course the big ones don't need us, at least that is what they believe.

Technical environment : we use to work with technical products, exactly where it is useful to provide the exact information with the exact terminology to avoid misunderstanding, lack of understanding, losses of time and of confidence.

Quality : we don't want to loose time with products we would not like to be 'our products'.

Economics: avoiding concentration is one of the best ways to protect environment, understand the process followed at our partners facilities, evaluate its impact.

Environment : understanding the products, produced under the stringent European regulations, limiting transport, stocks, choosing long lifetime products, avoiding disposable, this is our contribution.

Partnership : rather than spending energy in repeated negotiations, let's do it just once, and then cooperate.


Our strategy :


We are not going to tell you right now what the solution is.

At first, we need to understand where you want to go.

And you need to understand how we can help you.